Culture and Art Services


1968 yılında Trabzon Yomra’da doğdu. İlk-Orta öğrenimini Trabzon Yomra’da tamamladı. 1991 yılında Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi Harita ve Kadastro Mühendisliği Bölümünden mezun oldu. 1993-2014 yılları arasında özel sektörde şantiye şefi ve proje müdürü görevlerinde bulundu. 2015 yılında Büyükçekmece Belediyesinde Fen İşleri Müdür Yardımcısı olarak göreve başladı. 2018 yılı Eylül ayından itibaren Fen İşleri Müdür V. Olarak görevine devam etmektedir.




1-To carry out necessary studies on the development of cultural relations and protection of cultural values in the regions within the service area of the Municipality, to ensure the participation of universities, professional and non-governmental organisations and experts in these studies, 

2- To fulfil the services related to the festivals to be organised nationally and internationally, 

3-To open various courses in order to provide professions and qualifications, to provide services in cultural and artistic fields, to carry out publication activities related to the protection and promotion of historical and cultural values within the territory of the Municipality, 

4-To organise vocational courses, EYOP ( From Home to School Again Project) courses, culinary arts courses, to issue certificates approved by the Ministry of National Education and to provide employment, to organise courses in formal education, university preparation, performing arts, handicrafts and fine arts and to issue certificates of participation under the roof of the Public Academy, 

5- To ensure the formation of a common urban culture by introducing Turkish folk and Turkish art music and various types of universal music and bringing people together, 

6- To open educational, cultural and social courses for young people and children, to encourage successful students by rewarding them, 

7- To create reading corners in all common areas, from public libraries to cafes, to be used by the public,

8- To open museums and carry out activities in order to promote Turkish and World cultures, traditions and customs and to transfer them to future generations. (Museum of World Costumes) 

9- To organise conferences, panels, seminars in order to increase the cultural richness of the district, 

10- To work for opening cultural centres, 

11- To provide all kinds of home care and rehabilitation services for children, elderly, handicapped and people living alone, 

12- To organise competitions and exhibitions in the field of culture, education and art, 

13- To cooperate with the District Directorate of National Education, District Public Education Centre and all educational institutions in the region in social and cultural activities, 

14- To prepare books, brochures, magazines, posters, etc. on various subjects for the purpose of contributing to cultural life and to ensure that these printed materials reach the public, 

15- To organise cultural trips to contribute to the recognition of historical and touristic places by the people of the district.